Short Term Rental Mastery Course


This course is everything you need to know about purchasing, co-hosting, and managing Airbnb's to build a 6-figure business

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✅ Introduction to Co-Hosting

Setting up an LLC

✅ What type of owners do you want to work with?

✅ How to find owners to Co-Host for?

✅ Pitching an owner to Co-Host their property

✅ Commonly asked Co-Hosting Questions 

Market Analysis on Airdna


Insurance Deep Dive 

Market Analysis on Airdna 


Introduction to Airdna 

“Overview” Tab 

“Occupancy” Tab 

“Rates” Tab 

“Revenue” Tab 

“Invest” Tab Overview 

“Rentalizer” Tab 

“Top Properties” Tab

Furnishing Your Property

Hiring a designer vs. doing it yourself 

Furniture and supplies overview 

Furniture calculator deep dive



Making your STR stand out

Setting Up Your Software


Software overview 

Property management system 




Understanding Local Laws & Regulations


 ✅ How to find your cities local laws and regulations

Defining Your Criteria


What criteria do you need to choose

3 strategies for choosing a market

Comparing Properties on Airbnb 


How to analyze your competition on Airbnb

Building Your Team


Why build a team 

3 methods to find high-quality team members 

Cleaning checklist 

Questions to ask cleaners 




Lawn care + pest control

Financing Strategies


Financing strategies for your STR

How to Find GREAT Deals


Top 4 leading generation strategies

How to Analyze A STR Deal 


Fundamentals of Deal Analysis 

Setting Up Your Airbnb Listing


Airbnb setup overview 

Account settings 

What to do after your Airbnb account is setup


Header should be: These are the exact tools that we use to run a 6 figure Airbnb business, manage properties 100% remotely and automate 90% of the process



  • Defining Your Criteria Template

  • STR Purchase Analyzer

  • Co-Hosting

  • Co-Hosting Analyzer

  • Strategies To Get Co-Hosting Deals

  • Outreach templates for Co-Hosting

  • Why Partner With Us To Homeowners - Co-Hosting

  • STR Evaluation Presentation For Homeowners - Co-Hosting

  • Co-Hosting Contract


  • Furnishing & Supplies Calculator/Checklist
    Must-Have Softwares
    Property Organizer
    Cleaning Checklist
    Screening Questions For Cleaners
    STR Messaging Templates
    STR Agreement For Off Platform Bookings
    Owner Report


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Bailey is a Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Agent, Co-Host & Coach. Bailey uncovered his passion for real estate early in his life and bought his 1st investment property at just 20 years old. Since then Bailey has focused on growing his portfolio of long-term rentals and short-term rentals. Bailey also founded his own co-hosting company and manages 8 Airbnb properties in 4 different states. Bailey will be scaling his Co-Hosting business to 17 units in the next month.

In his free time, Bailey enjoys traveling, playing sports & eating delicious food


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Short Term Rental Mastery Course

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