• Bailey Kramer

My First House!

This is the 1st house I ever bought!

I closed on this property on February 16th, 2021 for $85,000.

How we found the deal:

We found this deal through cold calling! We connected with a gentleman who owned this property for quite a while. He was in the middle of rehabbing it, but simply ran out of time and money! We we're able to swoop in and purchase this property for $85,000

How we financed the deal:

We financed the deal through two private investors. One investor funded the purchase price ($85,000 cash) & the other financed the rehab costs which cost $30,000. If your interested in lending or investing in future deals, fill out the form on the "Invest" tab.

Our plan for this property:

Our goal for this property was to fix it up and sell it! After looking at comps, we estimated the ARV (After Repair Value) to be right around $170,000. We currently have it listed and we have offers at $175,000 & $180,000.

Stay tuned for updates!

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