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The Johnsburg Estate- Airbnb

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The Johnsburg Estate is an Airbnb property that I bought in May 2021.

We bought this property using a strategy called "Seller Financing"

What is seller financing?

Here are the terms we negotiated:

Purchase Price: $779,000

Down Payment: 12.5%

Interest Rate: 3%

We raised $180,000 from investors for this project! If you're interested in learning more about investing in future projects as a passive investor, Click here

We spent a little less than 2 months renovating the property:

  • Brand new roof

  • Remodeled all of the bathrooms

  • Added a boat Pier

  • Repaved the driveway

  • Striped a basketball court

  • Painted the entire interior

  • Furnished the Property

  • & much more!

Our strategy has been to rent the property as a short term rental, on sites like Airbnb & VRBO.

The property can sleep up to 22 guests & is available to rent year round!

We charge around $1,399/night in the summer & $799/night in the winter.

If you're interested in renting The Johnsburg Estate, click this link & let me know that you saw this article on my website and i'll give you a little deal (; I want a free night!

Stay tuned for more updates on this property: We will be adding many more features and amenities as time goes on including a hot tub, a beach front, kayaks, and much more!

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